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What is Know Your Value?

Know Your Value is a Landing.Jobs initiative that aims to provide Tech Professionals with insights and knowledge in order to help them know what they are worth in the Tech market, their skill strengths and improvement opportunities.

Through the entire process, you will take several assessments worth +300€ in the market for free.

After completing all the steps, you will receive an exclusive personalized report that includes valuable insights on where you stand in the market and how your value is perceived based on your technical and soft-skills and motivations.

If you’re considering landing a new job, we’ll also provide you with a list of opportunities curated for your preferences and profile, as well as all the support you need to go through the process.

So How Does it WORK?

1. Application & Selection

Fill in the survey to give us more info about you.

2. Video

During the video interview we are going to ask you 3 questions. There are no right or wrong
answers - don’t be nervous!

3. Tech Assessment

A few days after the video interview, you will receive a tech skills-assessment test.

4. Soft-Skills Assessment

After an evaluation of the tech assessment test, you will receive a Soft-Skills Assessment test.

5. Tech Interview

Unlike any other job interview, this is a specialized tech interview with a rigorous evaluation of your coding skills, problem-solving abilities and personality .

6. Remote Readiness

Every Trend has a Counter trend. The future of Tech work is remote. In this step, we will assess if you are ready to surf this new wave, or if the current approach better suits you.

7. Content Suggestion

Based on your path, we are going to provide you with valuable recommendations such as books, talks to listen, workshops to attend, etc in order to help you achieve your objectives.

8. Your Market Value & Job Recommendations

You are going to receive a personal report with all assessment results, your market value, and a set of job opportunities curated specially for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

> What is the Know Your Value?

“Know Your Value” is a Landing.Jobs initiative that will help you better understand:

What should be your monthly or daily rate How attractive your Tech Profile isWhat are your strengths and aspects you should work onHow your motivation can influence your Market value

> Who can apply to Know Your Value?

“Know Your Value” is designed for tech professionals interested in better understanding their market value. If this person is you, feel free to apply - we would like very much to see you here!

> Do I need to have a Landing.Jobs account?

Yes. In order to participate in this initiative, you need to have one Landing.Jobs account.

> What are the main requirements?

Right now, we are focusing on the following tech categories:

Mobile App Developer Backend JS Developer (Node, Express) Frontend JS Developer (React, Angular, Vue, CSS, HTML) Full-Stack JS Developer (Meteor, Sails, CSS, HTML) Backend Developer (C++, C#, Java, PHP, Ruby) Data Science (Python, R, Matlab)

> How does it Work?

The “Know Your Value” initiative has several stages:

Application (10 min)Video Interview (10 min)Tech Assessment Test (~60 min)Soft-Skills Assessment Test (~20 min)Tech Interview (~45 min) [non-mandatory]Remote Readiness Index (3 min)

> How to apply?

To start your Know Your Value process, all you need to do is to fill out this survey
After that, we will review your answers and contact you directly.

> Do I need to pay to participate?

No. Right now, the “Know Your Value” initiative is free of charge.

> Are there any other costs involved?

No. However, some of our career recommendations such as courses, workshops, etc can have an associated cost that is not covered by the Know Your Value initiative.

> What happens if I did not participate in all stages?

You are still going to receive your ‘Know Your Value’ Report based on the information that you provided us with. However, the final results will not be as accurate as it could be if all the stages were performed.

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